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How to proceed with switching packages on first CDs to xz?


I was wondering how to proceed with switching packages on the first CDs
to use xz compression.  I have prepared a list of binary packages which
would benefit the most from switching, see [1].

My suggestion is to now switch the default compression for GNOME and KDE
packages to xz using gnome-pkg-tools (pkg-kde-tools) and then either
schedule binNMUs (only arch:any packages) or no-changes uploads (for
arch:all or Multi-Arch).  I would help with the latter if you agree me
doing +build1 uploads that are not recorded in the VCS.

Packages not using these central mechanisms would get a bug report
asking to switch to xz and eventually a NMU.

I would like to limit these uploads to a, packages with Priority:
optional and extra, and b, those where we gain at least 500 kB
additional space.

So unless somebody sees a problem with this, could the GNOME and KDE
teams prepare and upload the changes to {gnome-pkg,pkg-kde}-tools?


[1] <http://people.debian.org/~ansgar/wheezy-cd-with-xz/>
    Format: <binary> <space-savings-in-kB> <total-savings-in-kB>
    Data might be outdated slightly.

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