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Re: tasksel: Default desktop: Gnome→Xfce

On Sun 05 Aug 2012 04:43:58 Christian PERRIER escribió:
> So, who will be hurt by dropping support for install with one CD?
> In theory, those people lost somewhere in a world of bad connectivity,
> where installs cannot really rely on a working network (I still
> remember a Debian installation workshop that I tried running during
> the rainy season in India......with power, and network, failing every
> now and then).
> Those will do such installs with lend over, or copied, DVDs and,
> anyway, there is nearly no way we can get their advice about the pain
> caused by dropping 650MB CD images.
> That's very probably a very tiny fraction of our users and, here, we
> probably can't be universal.

For whatI've seen, people who can get a CD image can also get a DVD image for 
installations without network. And even here in argentina you can't buy a CD-
ROM-only player since (at very least) a couple of years.
> So, I'd vote for dropping these 650MB images. By keeping them, we hurt
> ourselves much more than we're doing any good.

My vote goes there too.

> As Joss says, 1GB images seem to be the best choice (unless there
> would be great benefit in jumping to 2GB images immediately).

Well, 2GB flash drives seems to be the most common minimum size for what I 

Kinds regards, Lisandro.

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Lisandro Damián Nicanor Pérez Meyer

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