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Re: tasksel: Default desktop: Gnome→Xfce

On 03.08.2012 21:06, Cyril Brulebois wrote:
> Hello,
> Ansgar Burchardt <ansgar@debian.org> (03/08/2012):
>> I was wondering how to proceed with switching packages on the first CDs
>> to use xz compression.  I have prepared a list of binary packages which
>> would benefit the most from switching, see [1].
> or we could just do nothing but reviewing the following tasksel change
> by Joey Hess [1], since apparently we have well-defined procedures for
> that:
> | commit 2a962cc65cdba010177f27e8824ba10d9a799a08
> | Author: Joey Hess <joey@kitenet.net>
> | Date:   Sat Jul 28 12:21:22 2012 -0400
> | 
> |     switch default desktop task to xfce
> |     
> |     This ensures that the desktop will fit on CD#1, which gnome currently does not.
> |     
> |     There may be other reasons to prefer xfce as the default as well, but that
> |     is a complex and subjective topic. Unfortunatly, Debian does not have a
> |     well-defined procedure for making such choices, though it certianly has
> |     well-defined procedures for reviewing them. So, I've decided to be bold,
> |     and continue the tradition of making an arbitrary desktop selection for
> |     Debian in tasksel.

And in wheezy+1(or 2,...), when XFCE has outgrown CD1, we switch to E17,
or whatever the tasksel maintainers prefer at that time. Sounds like a
great plan to base our default desktop on the size of a CD or the mood
of a single maintainer and switch arbitrarily between releases.

Seriously, I'd just drop our CD1 installs and only provide a net-install
image and a DVD image for desktop installations.


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