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Re: tasksel: Default desktop: Gnome→Xfce

Joss wrote:
>Le samedi 04 août 2012 à 00:24 +0200, Michael Biebl a écrit :
>> > I don't know about serious surveys, but flash drives are ubiquitous
>> > and have large storage. Some (many?) laptops don't have optical drives
>> > either. For D-I, I would pick the most common USB flash drive size
>> > (perhaps 2.0 GB) and target that.
>> That sounds like an interesting idea. Even if a default DVD-RW would
>> provide more space, having only 1 GB instead of 4.4 GB to download makes
>> a difference. 2.0 GB would even probably be enough to fit GNOME and KDE
>> (and maybe other alternatives) on that image.
>AFAIK debian-cd now produces 1 GiB, 2 GiB and 4 GiB images for use with
>USB sticks.

We don't *yet*. The code is there (as mentioned in the DebConf BoF),
but I've not yet seen a consensus over exactly what people
want. Currently, I'm thinking an extra 2GB image would be useful. We
*do* already have a 4GB image (the first DVD image is deliberately
down-sized to 4GB) and CD#1 is close-ish to 1GB.

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