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Re: RFC: OpenRC as Init System for Debian

Le dimanche 13 mai 2012 à 20:00 +0200, Gergely Nagy a écrit : 
> > There is a huge difference between gconf, for which you can set one
> > specific setting in /etc, overriding the default in /usr (and in a way
> > that will not break the application if the schemas change), and
> > systemd/udev, which require to copy the *entire* file, leaving behind
> > any improvements that could made to it in ulterior versions.
> Not entirely true. You can override parts of the file too, without
> copying: include the original. This doesn't let you override everything,
> but for a lot of things, is good enough.

And then, when the original file changes, you lose the improvements and
you might even end up with a broken system.

For example if a systemd unit file is updated to match a change of
behavior in a daemon. Say, from now it requires a pre-exec stanza to do
stuff it used to do at startup. Your modified file in /etc will not
include this new stanza and your daemon is broken.

(And yes, this could be handled easily with a modified ucf, but
currently it is not the case.)

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