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Re: RFC: OpenRC as Init System for Debian

Marco d'Itri wrote:

> This has been happening more and more after SuSE has become irrelevant.
> I will cite just a few simple examples:
> - no good strategy to prevent lockstep udev/kernel upgrades, since RHEL 
>   does not support upgrading to the next major release
> - configuration files in /etc/ overriding configuration files in /lib/, 
>   to work around the inferior configuration files handling of RPM
> - removal from udev/systemd of features which Red Hat will not provide 
>   anymore (e.g. support of persistent names for new network interfaces,
>   choose your own example for systemd)

Thanks for explaining.  Very interesting examples.

Possible conclusions:
- we need to be involved upstream in core projects if we do not want to
  be neglected
- improving OpenSuSE and other distros is another way to help upstreams
  remember how to support more than one setup
- helping RPM and other Red Hat infrastructure is valuable, so they can
  experience the features that it would be nice to preserve in Debian
- sometimes package maintenance involves hard dilemmas

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