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Re: Sponsorship requirements and copyright files

Manoj Srivastava <srivasta@debian.org> writes:

>         Not currently seems to imply that at some point it will be
>  mandatory at some point.   I find that somewhat presumptuous, but
>  perhaps I am reading too much into the "in this current time" bit.

I think perhaps you are. I read it only as leaving that option open;
the proponents of the format should at least have the ambition of
working toward a format good enough to propose as policy.

>  I would put it as this is a proposal. It is not, and will not
>  become policy, unless something improves radically.

Would it surprise you to know that I find *that* rather presumptuous?
:-) I think that a format good enough to bring consistency to the
chaos of disparate ‘debian/copyright’ files would in itself be enough
to propose such a format as policy. I think the current format is not
far away from that state.

Note that none of the above is meant to predict the format is anywhere
near good enough yet to be proposed as policy; only that I can't see
what would cause you to reject it in such absolute terms.

>  Even so, it might never become policy, and at this point a proposal
>  in good enough shape to even start discussing the merits of the
>  idea does not exist.

We evidently *have* been discussing the merits of such an idea,
precisely because such a format is being actively developed. I don't
understand what basis you have for your statement.

>  When a proposal which is even maginally viable is licked into
>  shape, it shall be brought forth to light again. And, if it is very
>  good, it might live to see light in policy.


>         There is nothing pre-ordained about this idea to assume it
>  will become policy -- that happens when a whole lot of people agree
>  that it is a good idea.

Totally agreed.

> > Those who don't like the form it's currently in are welcome to
> > discuss it, once the discussion moves to a forum more amenable to
> > actually building on what is discussed. I believe this is in
> > progress with a DEP under way.
>         Generally, the forum for discussion development for Debian
>  is the debian-devel mailing list. If we are having to move to some
>  other forum, or wait around and not discuss this while something
>  happens to a DEP, I think the DEP drivers have failed.

Sure. DEP 5 is now online and the drivers are, by their own account,
active in their role and taking the recent discussions here into

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