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Re: Sponsorship requirements and copyright files

>> No. It is not up to the Debian maintainer to decide that some
>> contributor has written enough of the code to also be mentioned in the
>> (C) lines in a particular file. But as soon as upstream lists them
>> either in a file header or the AUTHORS file the Debian maintainer has to
>> copy that information into debian/copyright.
> This is an absolute waste of time.

As your mail is.

Honestly, if you cant deal with listing the Authors/(C) holders - dont
maintain a package. It is not much work to list them. (It might be a lot
of work using the "new" format, but noone *requires* this format, especially
not ftpmaster. It has *no* gain for us at all, we couldnt care less if
you use it or not).

bye, Joerg
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