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Re: NEW processing

Kalle Kivimaa wrote:
> Lintian errors are almost always an immediate REJECT, so they don't
> really slow down the process. Warnings slow the process down as then
> I'm required to make a judgement call as to allow the package in or
> not, so I'm much happier if the packager deals with them beforehand.
> debian/control and debian/copyright are the two main files for
> ftpmaster checks, so having those clear and well written makes my job
> faster. debian/changelog needs to have valid information, too.
> debian/rules I check to make sure that it is sane - or at least looks
> like sane. debian/source.lintian-overrides is always checked.

This imput seems to me the most useful contribution to this thread, Zach
came up with a very good idea inmediately.

I think tests are important in our strive for quality, and I think they
could be very much automatic, just as Zach pointed out. An automatic
lintian reject if "E:" saves time for mainainers, ftp-masters and
because of this everyone wins (users also are available to test packages
much sooner).

If we could get every ftp-team involved members in producing this kind
of useful feedback, we could come up with other good ideas as on how to
autmatize these check saving the ftp-team the fustration of reiteration
of simple tasks, so that their job also becomes more interesting and
thus, more motivating. 

I feel this works the same way as "antispam software helps in mailing
list moderation tasks", if you know what I mean.

Keep up this good thread, and think really hard about what of these
tasks are easy to automate, given that get get more input from the

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