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Re: NEW processing

On 03/12/08 at 11:24 +0100, Holger Levsen wrote:
> Hi,
> On Wednesday 03 December 2008 10:05, Daniel Baumann wrote:
> > > The NEW queue is constantly being processed.
> > depends on the point of view i guess. 
> only those who dont have any backlogs in their voluntary duties, please throw 
> the first stone.

It surprises me that the only solution to that problem seems to be to
add more people to the FTP team, so that the processing bandwidth will

That's not true. We imposed that reviewing step to ourselves, and, if
it's doing more harm (by slowing down development and annoying
contributors) than good (by detecting mistakes and improving Debian's
overall quality), we could simply decide to drop it. (or to drop it
partially, for some categories of uploads).

It's funny how in Debian, we always prefer to add more checks (which
always let some things get thought while they shouldn't) rather than
trusting developers to do the right thing. It's similar to what happened
to the NM process.
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