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Re: NEW processing

Thomas Viehmann wrote:
> In essence, this whole trip through NEW would not have happened if the
> maintainer would actually routinely install his packages before
> uploading. I am all in favor of fast-tracking urgent stuff, but the
> deal should involve the maintainer making extra-sure to get things
> right, too.

I think that understand what the FTP masters do, how they do it, and
the already documented errors that they look for would make us, as
maintainers, be a lot more aware of what can go wrong with our NEW

That's why I believe that helpful input, in the line of Kalle Kivimaa,
is crucial in order to make their jobs easyer.

Maybe providing some sort of updated unstable to test our packages on,
in case we don't trust that our system has not become too tainted due to
intensive testing, would help. I know some of us do not have the
resources to easily build cleaner testing targets.

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