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Re: Considerations for GTK1 removal from Debian

Neil Williams <codehelp <at> debian.org> writes:

> If those figures are correct, it looks like GTK1 will be with us for
> quite some time yet.

Don't give up hope quite yet.

> After a little more trimming of libraries, packages that are just
> dependencies of other packages in the list, I get 192 unorphaned
> packages dependent on gtk1 that are unrelated to xmms:

> gdancer

This is an XMMS plugin.

> gentoo

I use this on both my Debian and Gentoo machines (ironic, that.)
I can probably port this to GTK2 in about a day. I'll keep people posted. :)

> imms

This is an XMMS plugin which has been ported to Audacious, and as such
works fine with GTK2.

> karamba

This is a Qt app, and it has been mostly replaced with SuperKaramba AFAIK.

> mplayer-586

mplayer has been ported to GTK2 and most recent versions will work
fine under GTK2.

> psemu-input-padjoy
> psemu-sound-oss
> psemu-video-x11

I'm working on these already out of personal interest. I'll submit some
bugs to debian as well as to gentoo when I am done porting PCSX to GTK2.

> pterm
> putty

I'm pretty sure that these are already ported to GTK2.

> quicklist

Someone is already porting this aren't they?

> sylpheed-claws
> sylpheed-claws-clamav
> sylpheed-claws-dillo-viewer
> sylpheed-claws-ghostscript-viewer
> sylpheed-claws-image-viewer
> sylpheed-claws-maildir-plugin
> sylpheed-claws-pgpinline-plugin
> sylpheed-claws-spamassassin
> sylpheed-claws-trayicon
> sylpheed-gtk1

Claws has been ported to GTK2 for some time and is well established.

> wmbubble
> wmcliphist
> wmclockmon
> wmfishtime
> wmmaiload
> wmressel

Porting these is likely to be fairly trivial, as windowmaker dockapps
mostly use GDK which has not changed much, not GTK.

> xbindkeys-config
> xdialog

These are probably fairly trivial to port to GTK2.

There's at least 29 (I may have counted wrong) packages that can be
resolved in the near future anyway.

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