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Re: Considerations for 'xmms' removal from Debian

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Josselin Mouette wrote:
> Le vendredi 10 août 2007 à 04:48 +0200, David Lopez Zajara (Er_Maqui) a
> écrit :
>> I've read the complete thread, and i understand who the main reason from
>> the mantainers are these. But, in the other hand, have the reason of
>> gtk1.2 removal porposal. I understand this, but, i say who <SAME> of the
>> given reasons are incorrect. 
> On what grounds?
> As you don't seem to have understood at all, let me repeat it: XMMS is
> unmaintained. GTK+ 1.2 is unmaintained. Anyone who wants to see xmms
> remain in Debian should take over maintainership for both, including
> upstream maintenance and all that it implies.

First: This thread is a right call for "kill xmms from debian", not a
thread for "call for solutions because a possible unmantained upstream".
 Now, reading from the xmms official webpage, i've readed this:



Hello José Miguel Parrella Romero. You're a gentoo developer. *hugs and

We haven't deprecated xmms. Why would we?

Jul 11, 2007
Thomas Nilsson (thomas at xmms.org)


It isn't a depretiation for this developer, is a form to demostrate who
the xmms developers are now active. And, in this thread are now a link
for the <2007-07-11> changelog. This are from 1 month later. This is a
unmantained upstream package?

One motivation for xmms removal are the mantainer unaviability for this.
Yeah, but, this have their solution on a orphan request, or request for

GTK+ 1.2 are unmantained upstream, yes. But, now, in Debian are more
than 300 packages who depends on this. Yes, there are many packages they
are xmms plugins, but, many of these packages arent packages for xmms.
Your right is for remove all these packages from debian? Now, these
packages are on unstable, and GTK+ 1.2 too. Some of these packages are
mantained now. You are saying to the mantainers who if they doesnt work
on a GTK+ 1.2 -> 2.0 port their packages will go out of debian now? If
the GTK+ 1.2 upstream is dead from far ago, whats the reason for removal
NOW and not one year ago? Or, for wait one year more? If the reason for
mantain the GTK+ 1.2 packages its the developed application for this,
you can wait a bit more, for upstreams work on them.

In the case of xmms, i've a notice for you:

- From xmms official webpage (FAQ):


Does XMMS work with GTK+ 2.x?

No, XMMS 1.2.x does not work with GTK+ 2, it requires GTK+/GLIB 1.2.x.
There is a project called BEEP which is a GTK+2 fork of XMMS. But your
existing plugin will have to be ported to GTK+2 for this to work. We
will eventually release a GTK+2 version of XMMS 1, but it still hasn't
been decided when that will be. Hopefully we'll merge back the good
stuff from BEEP to make the transition faster and help to convince
plugin authors to port their GTK+1 versions to GTK+2.


I doesn't have more for this, but a comment:

I've read on this thread, on a critical for audacious "as xmms
replacement", I've pointed who audacious doesn't have many features
present on xmms.

I've read a reply: "Contact with the main upstream and ask for these
features". The same can be for application here: We can suggest to the
main upstreams for all these GTK+ 1.2 application for port them to
GTK+2. This work it's harder than a simple feature, but its the same, a
suggestion. This are applicable for these thread, for all GTK+ 1.2
applications on the archive, and for the "precipitate" reaction on
another distributions (mentioned on this thread).


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