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Re: Considerations for 'xmms' removal from Debian

On Tue, 2007-08-07 at 05:04 +0200, David Lopez Zajara (Er_Maqui) wrote:
> xmms have 11000+ popcon installations reported. The total reports of
> popcon are 57000+. This is aprox 20% of users. Now, are talking for
> removal an application for those users?...
> I've read the buglist of xmms, and i think who more than one and two
> bugs can be removed. Example of this can are #244984, #260754, #161702.
> A lot of these bugs are already opened because the version doesn't have
> changed (Are revised). I think who can be interesting revise the xmms
> buglist and close the outdated bugs, for a real information of
> application problems.
> I've read in this thread, this is for a orphan package. If this is the
> reason, doesnt have much more for talk, another mantainer will become.
> xmms its a very popular package. I think who an orphan isn't a reason at
> all for removal from arch.

It clearly seems that you haven't read the whole thread. Your
understanding of the only argument for removing xmms being that it's
orphaned and your understanding of the only argument for keeping xmms
being that it's popular clearly shows your misread of the whole log on
the discussion.

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