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Re: Considerations for 'xmms' removal from Debian

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I can comment out a point:

xmms have 11000+ popcon installations reported. The total reports of
popcon are 57000+. This is aprox 20% of users. Now, are talking for
removal an application for those users?...

I've read the buglist of xmms, and i think who more than one and two
bugs can be removed. Example of this can are #244984, #260754, #161702.
A lot of these bugs are already opened because the version doesn't have
changed (Are revised). I think who can be interesting revise the xmms
buglist and close the outdated bugs, for a real information of
application problems.

I've read in this thread, this is for a orphan package. If this is the
reason, doesnt have much more for talk, another mantainer will become.
xmms its a very popular package. I think who an orphan isn't a reason at
all for removal from arch.

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