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Re: Considerations for GTK1 removal from Debian

Mikhail Gusarov <dottedmag@dottedmag.net> wrote:

>  JB> And there are still some useful applications in the list...
> Probably some workflow for phasing them out might help.

It's possible for some of these applications, but not for all. The
best approach is probably to port them over to GTK2, but I suspect
it's fairly non-trivial for some (most ?) of them...

Any application using a custom GTK widget will take days to port to
GTK2. Not mentioning the GNOME1 applications in this list ...

> At least I've seen 'gtk-theme-switch' in the list, which provides utility for
> both GTK1 and GTK2 and does not block GTK1 from being excluded. I suppose there
> are more such applications.

Yep. gtk-theme-switch is moot anyway, even if it was GTK1-only, as
it becomes useless once you've got rid of everything else.

I'm giving a shot at some of the low hanging fruits, is there a
usertag that can be used to track GTK2 patches in the BTS ?


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