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Re: Considerations for GTK1 removal from Debian

Neil Williams <codehelp@debian.org> wrote:

> 274 are neither gtk libraries nor related to xmms.
> 231 of those are not orphaned.

That's a lot of packages.

> After a little more trimming of libraries, packages that are just
> dependencies of other packages in the list, I get 192 unorphaned
> packages dependent on gtk1 that are unrelated to xmms:

> imms

That's an XMMS plugin, it's even in the short description (maybe
you've matched on "xmms" ?)

> manedit
> manedit

Appears twice ?

> multi-gnome-terminal

Already obsolete, IIRC ?

> Contrary to my own preconceptions, I'd say that the idea of removing
> Gtk1 is dead-in-the-water. 
> :-(

And there are still some useful applications in the list...


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