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Re: Thoughts about the bug tracking system

* Don Armstrong

> On Sat, 21 Jul 2007, Oleg Verych wrote:
>> "post your thoughts in your weblog, come here with patches"
> This is a list which is used to discuss development related issues.
> The ability of users to report and discover bugs which affect them is
> inextricably linked to development.

Fine, if `thoughts' are `issues'.

> As one of the developers of debbugs, I want to encourage discussion of
> how things can be done better, even from those who aren't in a
> position of having supported their ideas with patches.
> I mean, it'd be rather boring holding this discussion otherwise.

IMHO that comes from inflexibility of web based archives at first place,
general ignorance WRT mailing lists as from its purpose as from tools
misusing points of view.

As of our late night conversation you may know my approach to
ML information handling, i.e. Gmane + comprehensive new reader (slrn). 

Some issues with breaking threads in pkg specific MLs and absence of pkg
name in the subject in some messages in -dist MLs, i've tried to address,
are just very beginning of what can be improved in debbugs, among other
things, i try to make working proposal before publishing. And if my
recent (less than 24h) similar reply about URLs in the message bodies was
read in debbugs list, this thread would not be existed.

-*- To the thread:

My anger (50% of the original reply) actually caused by general state of
software industry. I think time has came, where quantity (of user
reports, bug reports, feature requests, number of applications) should
finally turn into efficiency. Yet nothing happens and i in Y2006 after
year of using Sarge on my amd64 with all that fancy X, Mozilla stuff,
have to threw everything away and now nearly for almost year sit in text
terminal with small set of tools like, screen, lynx, slrn, mutt,
emacs-nox. I sick of ever increasing userspace sucking. After seeing how
linux core kernel developers are care for single cache miss, bunch of
byte saved, cpu cycle, i just break down from slowness and stupidness of
X, Mozilla and such.

Finally. I've got a message about being disliked here in list. Guys, my
opinion is, that doing this in private is unfair. If i'm out of order,
tell me in the follow up. I'll go away, i have nothing to loose in this
live, really.

p.s. `for.gmane' account will bounce your messages on SMTP time, because
i don't care about receiving and deleting stuff i easily can read in
ML. I care about network bandwidth, efficiency and other rather
unusual things. I reply to messages being with Cc or mail-followup-to
with regular account. That's my strong policy on `i read MF list'.

Thanks for reading and understanding.

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