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Re: adding desktop files to misc packages

Le mercredi 18 juillet 2007 à 12:57 -0400, Joe Smith a écrit :
> Given that .desktop is a standardized file format, and is roughly a superset 
> of the current .menu format,
> the Debian menu system will add support reading .desktop files as source in 
> addition to the .menu files.

This is feasible, but not as easy as you seem to imply. For example you
have to generate 32x32 XPM files (har har har) from the icons, which can
be different depending on the icon theme and located at different

> When both a .desktop file and a .menu file exists the .desktop file takes 
> precedence.

Fine, but you'll have a hard time isolating duplicates.

> The Debian menu system will generate .desktop files from .menu files if the 
> .desktop file does not exist. This is intended solely
> as a temporary compatibility measure.

This is a very bad idea. It is going to clutter the freedesktop menu
with tons of useless entries with ugly icons and make it as useless as
the Debian menu. Please don't do that, and take the opportunity to
enforce stricter rules about what should be in the menu. If this is
done, the policy changes you are suggesting will just be ignored.

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