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Re: centralized bzr (Re: Successful and unsuccessful Debian development tools)

Le dimanche 27 août 2006 à 19:12 +0200, Adeodato Simó a écrit :
> bzrtools > 0.9 does not put files under /usr/lib/python2.4, since it
> uses python-support; and its maintainer scripts for < 0.9 did not
> bytecompile the modules, so the most plausible explanation for .pyc
> files in /usr/lib/python2.4 is having run bzr 0.8 as root.
> To debian-python: this is presumably a bug in bzrtools?

This is a bug in the former version, since it should have cleaned up
those .pyc files at prerm time.

However it can now only be fixed with a workaround in the new version,
e.g. by removing
the /usr/lib/python2.X/site-packages/bzrlib/plugins/bzrtools
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