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Re: Why does Ubuntu have all the ideas?


> Uhm, Debian's target audience is not Joe User, never has been AFAICT.

> Joe isn't usually capable of determining which MTA, web server, proxy server, etc., specific implementation is best for them, assuming they are even aware of the architecture underlying the UI they see... Debian assumes all of that of its users.

Then You must let them go to Ubuntu, because many simply don't want to know that either, just use the computer for their daily tasks.

In that case, we can close that "Debian is at least as good as Ubuntu" dispute immediately, being false. Instead, we can say "Debian is at least as good as Ubuntu FOR TECHNICAL USERS" safely.

> Why "old" software is commonplace. Slow and lazy with the packaging... or does it just take time to get all the pieces functioning well enough to be an easily derivable basis, and one which changes every six months would be a poor choice for that use.

I'd say neither of that. Just unable to recognize a few pieces of software that needs to be upgraded more frequently, and (so far) unable to make that happen. Ideas are coming however, maybe one day we'll see it happening.

> The way I see it: distros tailored to specific types of users which are based on Debian are not making up for Debian's failings, they are the most natural and may even be the actual intended use of what Debian provides.

Yes, I see it natural too. Debian is doing the great task of gathering free software and making it work together as-much-as-possible. Making the universal and useful distribution for everyone might be beyond it's ability, and there the place for Ubuntu and friends emerges.. Some Debianists don't like it, however let's celebrate that at least Ubuntu is making the user-friendly distro that people like.


> - Bruce

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