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Re: cdrtools

> -       With Linux 2.6.x, it is impossible to run cdrecord without 
>         root privs. 
>         Do not believe single persons who claim otherwise as Linux-2.6.x 
>         filters away random SCSI commands when cdrecord does not have 
>         root-privs and as cdrecord heavily depends on the fact that 
>         the SCSI protocol depends on SCSI commands that "fail" because 
>         they are not supported by the actual drive in order to correctly  
>         support the features of the actual drive. 

Perhaps this stupid feud can soon become a thing of the past.
<http://lwn.net/Articles/193516/> indicates that future versions of the
kernel will allow userspace to control the list of SCSI commands that are
filtered. The cdrecord package can simply empty this list during bootup.

Sam Morris

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