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Re: Why does Ubuntu have all the ideas?

On Fri, Jul 28, 2006 at 06:55:26PM +0200, Fabio Tranchitella wrote:
>     If you need to apply a patch to one of my packages for a
> non-critical bug in order to complete an integration work, please send
> me the patch by BTS and if I do not reply in a few days feel free to
> upload an NMU.
>     How many Debian maintainers think the same? I'm sure there are a lot
> of them who do not soffer of the "this is my package, go away" syndrome.

I feel the same, but you're completely ignoring behavioural aspects of
DDs (and of developers in general).

Let's look at the issue from the other side. I'm a DD, I found an easy
to fix bug in another package. I submit a bug report + patch (takes some
time), then after the period I deem appropriate for an NMU (some more
time) I'm ready for the NMU (assuming I did not forget about the bug
report of course).  Prepare the upload (more time) upload (..) get
flamed by the maintainer because the period was too short ...

Next time I'll be less inclined to do it, and I definitely wont do it
for not-so-important bugs (but which are still bugs!)

I know in this scenario I'm being the lazy DD, and I shouldn't, but
let's face it we all are lazy sometimes. After all it's one of
programmers' gift!

It would have been much more easier---and it actually is in all
co-maintainer projects I'm involved in---if I could have committed my
patch to a versioning repository as soon as it was ready. The network
effect of being able to commit code more freely would be huge IMO.

+1 for the "big source tree" approach,
   or at least for way more collaboratively maintained packages than we
   currently do.


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