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Re: Why does Ubuntu have all the ideas?

Il giorno ven, 28/07/2006 alle 17.37 +0100, Matthew Garrett ha scritto:
> That's not actually true. I do a lot of work in Ubuntu to add extra 
> hardware support. All the code gets pushed upstream so will end up in 
> Debian too, but Ubuntu's lack of a concept of package ownership makes it 
> massively easier to do integration work - rather than filing half a 
> dozen bugs and having to chase people up, I can just upload the 
> packages. Given the amount of time I currently have available to me, I 
> tend to choose the latter. If Debian had slightly less of a culture of 
> "Keep your hands off my package", I'd do it here instead.

    If you need to apply a patch to one of my packages for a
non-critical bug in order to complete an integration work, please send
me the patch by BTS and if I do not reply in a few days feel free to
upload an NMU.

    How many Debian maintainers think the same? I'm sure there are a lot
of them who do not soffer of the "this is my package, go away" syndrome.


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