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Re: greylisting on debian.org?

Martijn van Oosterhout <kleptog@gmail.com> wrote:
> The point was about mailers sending mail to debian. If they receive a
> 4xx they have to queue the mail and retry later. It's cheap for
> debian, but expensive for everyone else.

> A far more reasonable solution is to only greylist mail with an
> unreasonably high spamassassin score. Normal mail I assume generally
> doesn't score high and is not susceptable to greylisting.

Greylisting after DATA sounds like a bad idea to me:

1. The bandwith has already been wasted.
2. The bandwith will be wasted again if the host retries
3. spamassassin is a performance hog, and you'll need to rerun it when
the host retries.

*If* you want to be picky about greylisting use something *cheap*,
- greylist only hosts listed on a DNS blacklist.
- Don't greylist on host/sender/receipient triples but check
  network/sender/receipient. And possibly combine this with *not*
  greylisting _any_ sender/receipient tuple iff $host already passed
  greylisting for another sender/receipient tuple. (We already know
  the host to do proper retries, no use in greylisting again.)

> Not that I mind, the amount of spam received via this mailing list is
> so marginal I can hardly imagine people worrying about it.

We are not (only) talking about lists.d.o. primarly but the
developer@debian.org addresses. /These/ gather loads of spam.

cu andreas

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