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Re: greylisting on debian.org?

also sprach Wolfgang Lonien <wolfgang@lonien.de> [2006.07.05.1519 +0200]:
> Do we use greylisting on the @debian.org domain and especially on
> @lists.debian.org?
> If not, then we should probably try it - for my private stuff, that
> works just nice. The only things which still come through are spams
> which were sent over debian.org and such, which obviously use real mail
> servers.

This has been brought up. Basically I don't think people were
opposed to it, but there was noone available to implement it.

So if you really want it, log in to the hosts, copy the exim
configuration, implement greylisting, test it, then contact
debian-admin@lists.d.o with patches.

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