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Re: LSB init scripts and multiple lines of output

also sprach martin f krafft <madduck@debian.org> [2006.06.01.2150 +0200]:
> Stopping RAID devices... md6 busy; md5 busy; md3 busy; md2 busy; md0
> busy; md1 busy; failed (6 busy, 1 stopped).
> Starting RAID devices... md0 running; md1 running; md2 running; md3
> running; md4 started (3/3); md5 running; md6 running; done (6
> running, 1 started, 0 failed).
> Which do people prefer? Btw: I cannot yet log which ones have been
> stopped, there's no easy way to find out with only POSIX and without
> /usr/bin/*.

Here's the other version:

piper:~# /etc/init.d/mdadm-raid restart                                   [575]
Stopping RAID array md6...failed (busy).
Stopping RAID array md5...failed (busy).
Stopping RAID array md0...failed (busy).
Stopping RAID array md1...failed (busy).
Stopping RAID arrays...done (3 array(s) stopped).
Starting RAID array md0...done (already running).
Starting RAID array md1...done (already running).
Starting RAID array md2...failed (not enough devices).
Starting RAID array md3...done (started, degraded [2/3]).
Starting RAID array md4...done (started [3/3]).
Starting RAID array md5...done (already running).
Starting RAID array md6...done (already running).

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