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Re: LSB init scripts and multiple lines of output

Op do, 01-06-2006 te 22:29 +0200, schreef martin f krafft:
> also sprach martin f krafft <madduck@debian.org> [2006.06.01.2150 +0200]:
> > Stopping RAID devices... md6 busy; md5 busy; md3 busy; md2 busy; md0
> > busy; md1 busy; failed (6 busy, 1 stopped).
> > Starting RAID devices... md0 running; md1 running; md2 running; md3
> > running; md4 started (3/3); md5 running; md6 running; done (6
> > running, 1 started, 0 failed).
> > 
> > Which do people prefer? Btw: I cannot yet log which ones have been
> > stopped, there's no easy way to find out with only POSIX and without
> > /usr/bin/*.
> Here's the other version:
> piper:~# /etc/init.d/mdadm-raid restart                                   [575]
> Stopping RAID array md6...failed (busy).
> Stopping RAID array md5...failed (busy).
> Stopping RAID array md0...failed (busy).
> Stopping RAID array md1...failed (busy).
> Stopping RAID arrays...done (3 array(s) stopped).
> Starting RAID array md0...done (already running).
> Starting RAID array md1...done (already running).
> Starting RAID array md2...failed (not enough devices).
> Starting RAID array md3...done (started, degraded [2/3]).
> Starting RAID array md4...done (started [3/3]).
> Starting RAID array md5...done (already running).
> Starting RAID array md6...done (already running).
Seems ok to me. This way all boot messages look consistent. 

It would be nice if the log_action_end_msg would support warnings in
addition to succes and failures, so the output would clearly distinguish
a degraded array from a completely succesfully started array.

Greetings Arjan

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