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Re: [Debconf-discuss] list of valid documents for KSPs

On 30 May 2006, Frank Küster verbalised:

> Manoj Srivastava <srivasta@debian.org> wrote:
>>>>> What Martin Krafft showed you was,
>>>> How do I know that person actually was  Martin Krafft?
>>> This is getting ridiculuous.
>> With this I tend to agree.  Your credulity is unbelievable.
>>> If what I've read about the incident is correct, the same person
>>> also showed a German ID card with identical information about the
>>> person.
>> Holy batmobiles, man, how can you believe that? You weren't there.
>> How can you assert that there was a real ID by hearsay? Even if you
>> go by the blog posting that opened this discussion, most of the
>> people rpesent did not see this so called real ID. Even if the blog
>> posting was not exaggerated, all you need is a bunch of people in
>> cahoots to play a prank to assure you there was an ID -- and you
>> fell for it.
> Okay, so you don't believe the person present was actually Martin
> Krafft; or at least you have serious doubts.

        I didn't say that either. Why do people keep asserting
 stronger statements than I am making? Are finer distinctions a lost

        I said: I have no way of knowing if that person was, or was
 not, Marting; but faced with an issue of identity verification and
 trust, the default position is to treat him as a bogey.  Is this
 really that hard to understand?

        Based on this thread, I would think that Stave Langasek was
 dead on: any transitive trust in Debian's keyring is
 non-existenet. So, using the signed key as a mesure of trust in the
 identity of a NM candidate by the DAMS is probably misplaced trust;
 people are apparently pretty darned gullible  in our community.

        The DAM's should revert to stronger requirements for
 meat space identity, at their own discretion.

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