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Re: NEW queue backing up again -- ftpmasters, any explanation or comment?


Kevin Mark wrote:

If someone differentiated
it into a simple triaged state: unseen, seem and expect to process soon
and seen and requires more processing, it may alleviate some anxiety --
or maybe not.

Hm, I am wondering how the internal communication between the ftpmasters works (i.e. "I am checking this package now", or "Functionality check complete, needs license check"), and if that is sufficiently formalized such that a "current status" column in the summary page could be generated easily from that.

I would suspect there to be some standardized, if not formalized, workflow that can be applied to 95% of all packages at least.

But your idea sparked a differnet idea: What if you make a tiny
repository of currently available unstable debian package based upon
dependencies AND the unofficial package in the new queue that would be
used to allow people to experiment with these package in a way like an
unoffical experimental branch.

The main reason for the NEW queue is the US export legislation. If it were legal to make packages immediately downloadable, it would be done.

This would not stop the packages in the
new queue from being examined but would allow experimenatal users to
test your work and give you feedback before the processing is done.

Sure, that's why I also upload my packages to my people.d.o page when I upload to Debian. But then I am responsible for following the US law, given that people.d.o is located in the US AFAIK, not the ftpmasters.


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