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Re: For those who care about their packages in Ubuntu

[Thomas Bushnell BSG]
> Since you don't do bin-NMU's, you could simply alter the version of
> every package to add an "ubuntu" tag, and then be done with it,
> right?  That would work well and be very easy to implement.

You are so hung up on this point, it's not even funny.

Do you really think users who fail to notice an "Origin" tag from
apt-cache, and believe they're above using reportbug, will notice an
"-ubuntuN" suffix in the version number?  I don't.  I think you are
arguing on abstract philosophical grounds rather than trying to solve a
real problem.

mdz is right when he says that we already discourage people from mixing
packages from different distributions.  People still do it on occasion,
but at some point there's little that can be done to stop it - short of
making the .deb formats purposely incompatible so you *can't*
cross-pollinate your box even if you try.  It seems to me that using a
-ubuntu version suffix just to indicate "this package is compiled for
Ubuntu" would accomplish approximately nothing.  It's busy work, and I
hope the Ubuntu team don't ever feel so badgered by this thread to
actually waste their time doing it.

A much larger problem, IMO, is the Ubuntu users who install Debian
packages which break due to the Ubuntu environment (like '/usr/bin/env
python' being 2.4) then complain to Debian and forget to mention that
they're using Ubuntu.  I don't think there's much that can be done
about those users either.

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