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Re: For those who care about their packages in Ubuntu

On 1/18/06, Bill Allombert <Bill.Allombert@math.u-bordeaux1.fr> wrote:
> > As pointed out several times, the source package in the ubuntu archive
> > is NOT different to the source package in the debian archive. The
> > binary package have been rebuilt in an different environment, which
> > can caus different dependencies on the resulting binary package.
> Yes, this is the definition of a no changes rebuild-only upload.
> What I asked was precisely that such upload should be versionned
> nevertheless. Debian version binNMU even while there is no source
> changes.

Oh. There might be a misunderstanding: No binary package is taken from
debian, only source packages. This means that EVERY package is being
rebuilt in ubuntu on buildds, including arch: all packages. The output
of apt-cache shows the field 'Origin' to indicate that this is not a
package built on debian systems.

If I understand your proposal correctly, you propose to introduce
binNMU like versioning on ALL nondiverged packages (again, the source
package is identical!). This seem not feasible because of practical

btw, the 'buildX' packages do change the source package, but by
policy, only debian/changelog is touched, to increase the version
number of the package.


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