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Re: Need for launchpad

On 1/19/06, Kevin Mark <kmark+debian-devel@pipeline.com> wrote:
> > you could check changelogs.ubuntu.com which holds changelog and
> > copyright files of the packages.
> Hi Reinhard,
> are the changelogs on changelogs.ubuntu.com only from stable releases or
> do they include testing/dapper? Also, I was checking packages.ubuntu.com
> - -> dapper -> base utils->bash->view Debian changelog and it was a dead
> link. If the entries on changelogs.ubuntu.com contain the info that the
> 'view Debian changelog' should contain, why not set up a programatic way
> to have the links made. The 'view Debian changelog' entries for stable
> (and presumable stable - 1) seem to work.

They should hold changelogs for the development release as well, since
thats the place aptitude goes to fetch the changelog for a package.
Dead links could result from changelogs being updated later than
packages.ubuntu.com or the other way round, so I think this should be
rather considered as bug. I CC'ed ubuntu-devel in the hope that
someone can clarify on this point.


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