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Re: Need for launchpad

Thomas Bushnell BSG writes ("Re: Need for launchpad"):
> Actually, upstream maintainers have no voice before the technical
> committee, which exists to resolve disputes between Debian developers,
> not between Debian developers and outsiders.

This is not true.  Constitution s6 defines the powers of the TC and
there is no restriction that the TC can consider only the complaints
of Developers.  6.3(6) says that the TC basically only acts when
prompted but does not say that the prompt has to come from a DD.

6.1(4) has an example suggesting that a bug submitter can be upheld.
An upstream maintainer could file a bug in the Debian BTS and dealt
with in the normal way, if they felt strongly enough.  Of course, the
TC only overrules the Debian maintainer (whether in favour of upstream
or in any other way) if the TC agrees with a 3:1 majority to do so.

(wearing TC chair hat)

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