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Re: when and why did python(-minimal) become essential?

Anthony Towns writes:
> On Mon, Jan 16, 2006 at 09:45:29PM -0500, Eric Cooper wrote:
> > I saw today that the python-minimal package in unstable is tagged as
> > Essential (and currently pulls in python2.3).  According to policy,
> > this is supposed to happen only after discussion on debian-devel and
> > consensus is reached, but I couldn't find that discussion in the list
> > archives.
> Joerg approved it at 09:50:15 2006/01/15, after Doko uploaded a
> new python-defaults package (-4). I've no idea why he accepted it as
> Priority:required and Essential:yes, and given that python-minimal isn't
> any different to regular python (though presumably will be if we ever
> switch to python2.4), I can't see why it was uploaded at this point.
> The -5 upload removed the Essential:yes tag, and lowered the priority to
> standard (apparently due to apt automatically installing Essential:yes
> packages and thus screwing up people who've pinned stable or testing,
> see #348354, and #348319), but since the override was already set at
> required, that's what the Priority: field still shows.

yes, that was a merge error on my side, fixed in -5.

> Maybe Doko's been paying attention to all the folks saying Ubuntu
> should contribute back more?

no need to spoil the lists with foul language


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