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Re: Canonical's business model

Manoj Srivastava writes ("Re: Canonical's business model"):
>         What would I *like* to see? Well, that they treat me like I
>  treat my upstreams; I triage bug reports, I keep feature specific
>  patches separate, I submit these feature requests to  upstream BTS,
>  or upstream author, depending on their preference. I triage, confirm,
>  and pass along bug reports to upstream BTS, with any additional data
>  that can serve to shine a light on the actual problem.

Quite so.  This is what I personally try to do (whether I'm working on
Ubuntu or on some local mutation of a Debian package).

>         In other words, I would like to see people downstream treat me
>  like I treat my upstream.


I know that not all Ubuntu developers do this and I think that's a
shame.  (This is one of many problems exacerbated by the lack of good
process documentation in Ubuntu.)  Not only is that bad for Debian,
and so unneighbourly, it's only a short-term gain in effort anyway -
doing a good job of feeding patches upstream is the most effective way
of reducing one's own maintenance effort.

(wearing Ubuntu hat just at the moment)

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