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Re: Need for launchpad

Manoj Srivastava wrote:
> On Fri, 06 Jan 2006 15:19:42 -0500, Frans Jessop
> <fransjessop@hotmail.com> said:  
>>Ubuntu's launchpad is amazing.  Do you think it would be helpful if
>>all DD's worked through it on their projects?
>         Sure, as long as they change lauchpad to meet my workflow
>  requirements. This would mean letting me have a local repo, signed
>  remote repos, arch, email only interfaces, and not getting into my
>  way.  If they make changes to meet these requirements, I'll have
>  absolutely no problem throwing away tools I have worked on honing for
>  a decade or so and switching to launchpad. Oh, and release launchpad
>  under a free license, of course, so I don't make Debian development
>  rely on a non-free toolset, of course.

Other than the email interface - they have most of that planned in hct :D


>>Wouldn't that keep things more organized and efficient?  Or perhaps
>>Debian could build its own version of launchpad which is better.
>>Again, I think it would do a good job keeping everything organized
>>an efficient.
>         Yup. Having all humans speak just a single language (and none
>  of these darned wide charset junk) would be way more efficient too.
>  And just have one model of a car -- I mean, who needs all these
>  different companies, so much inefficiency.
>         BTW, thanks for the laugh.
>         manoj

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