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Re: Canonical's business model

Canonical's business model doesn't belong in -devel. If Canonical as a
company is being fair, cool, whatever with Debian project i think we
can discuss it in -project, but why not do the same exercise about
Linspire? Do they sponsor conferences? Oh, i think Canonical does it

It's up to Canonical how they will contribute back to the community,
IMHO. I don't the same rant over others Debian related companies so
i'm assuming that we're wasting time shooting Canonical, (mainly)
because Ubuntu is sucessful.

I did a different opinion a month ago, but the fact is that i tried to
start a collaborative dicussion two times with Canonical employees and
it's going well. I recommend you do the same, and discuss in -project
what we (as a project) need from Canonical: free tools, better
formatted patches, whatever, ... I don't think they will "waste" time
and money thinking about it for us.

It's going to far, after all some people here and there are just
criticizing old time friends before asking them if they can share
resources and workload for the better of both projects.

Gustavo Franco

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