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Re: Need for launchpad

Il giorno lun, 09/01/2006 alle 16.02 -0800, Matt Zimmerman ha scritto:
> On Tue, Jan 10, 2006 at 12:32:32AM +0100, Federico Di Gregorio wrote:
> > What really I don't understand is how a proprietary tool can promote
> > more efficient collaboration on the development of _free software_.
> > Sounds like an ossimoron to me.
> Why?  There are countless examples, past and present.  Proprietary
> development tools, virtualization tools, even entire operating systems have
> all been used to accelerate the pace of free software development, both
> directly and indirectly.  While some free software developers adopt a
> philosophy of avoiding the use of proprietary software where possible,

The difference is that that others proprietary tools are usually written
by companies not dedicated to free software. This case is different
because the proprietary tool is written and used by a company that it is
(or says that it is) dedicated to free software. Anyway, I don't care
that much. I was just amazed by the fact that a company can spend an
incredible amount of money sending CD everywhere in the world but does
not want to release some source code. ;)


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