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Re: Ongoing Firefox (and Thunderbird) Trademark problems

* Christian Perrier (bubulle@debian.org) wrote:
> > >> We drop their products from Debian, they lose market share. We drop
> > > Really? Do you actually believe that debian users would switch to
> > > Konqueror just because we stopped distributing Firefox in Debian?
> > 
> > What about Galeon and the others Gecko-based browsers ?
> Non issue.
> Nearly all organizations care about internal standards. If the
> organization policy for web browsers is Firefox, every environment for
> which Firefox is not part of is out of the organization standard.
> This is how IT is handled in professionnal environments, like it or
> not. In short, as ONERA's policy will soon be that Firefox is the
> company's standard, I may be forced to drop off Debian as the official
> recommendation *I* am responsible for Linux systems if Debian drops
> Firefox out because of some license/trademark/whatever_you_call_it
> issues.

Please relax. The discussion is not whether we drop Firefox from the
distro. This will not happen, Firefox will still be here for as long
as it's free software and useful. The *only* issue is whether we can
use the name Firefox or not. No matter what is decided, the software
is going to be in Debian. 
> And, no, we won't switch to Galeon. Not unless there is a Windows port
> (yes, I live in the real world, where MS-Windows exists and will exist
> for a long time).
> So, please, people who enjoy swimming in the nasty pool of licenses
> and legal stuff, don't make me just ban Debian of my own company. Or
> make me maintain "unofficial" firefox packages which will of course be
> of lower quality than those from the firefox package maintainers in
> Debian.
> (for most people around who are unaware of it and for more clarity,
> ONERA is the French Aerospace research center, where I'm responsible
> for desktop systems architectures)
> This is probably my first and last comment about this issue. I *hate*
> legal discussions, licenses nitpicking and haircutting. I understand
> that some people enjoy this and I even understand we need some people
> to do so. But I feel there are enough *real* issues and we probably
> should not begin to invent new ones..:-)
> I know this mail will sound a bit rude but some parts of this thread
> really made me nervous.
> (taking pills now..:-)))

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