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Re: Ongoing Firefox (and Thunderbird) Trademark problems

> Please relax. The discussion is not whether we drop Firefox from the
> distro. This will not happen, Firefox will still be here for as long

Even if I have followed that discussion from very far, I have noted
that you do not plan this.

But I noted Julien's suggestion to simply drop the thing and it made
me react. Julien, I, and several French developers still have the
project of setting up some legal existence for Debian here in France,
so, well, we work together and work quite closely.

So, when he posts such extremists views like some of those I have
read, I feel my duty to react and bring in what I call "real world"

In my opinion, even renaming the package would be a kind of
disappearance...but, as a matter of fact, and from what I've read so
far, I'm just confident in your ability, as the package maintainer, to
deal with things safely and intelligently.

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