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Ongoing Firefox (and Thunderbird) Trademark problems


Now that sarge has been released it's time to revisit this problem.
Most of the problems revolve around this document:

From my reading of this, I'm not permitted to do such necessary things
such as security patches, and retain the name Firefox. This has been
brought up with Gervase Markham (who seems to be the Mozilla point of
contact on these issues) before on debian-legal:


Now, the Mozilla Foundation is willing to give us permission to use
the marks, but only to Debian specifically. To me, this feels like a
violation (at least in spirit) of DFSG #8. It's now nearly six months
since the debian-legal threads, sarge is out the door, so it's time to
do something about this. As I see it, we have the following options:

1. Completely ignore their Trademark Policy document and let MoFo come
to us if they're not happy with our use of the marks.

2. Rename Firefox and strip all trademarks out.

3. Accept MoFo's offer of Debian-specific trademark usage.

4. Try to negotiate some other arrangement with MoFo.

I don't believe we can really do #1 in good conscience. I don't
believe #3 is acceptable under the DFSG. It's been 6 months with no
real progress towards a resolution that I can see, so #4 seems to be
stalled, but again I invite Gervase to restart discussions. That lives
#2 as an unappealing solution, but perhaps the only way to go.

So for hopefully the last time I'd like to get people's opinion on
this before I take any action. Am I being too pedantic? I'd also love
to hear how Ubuntu is handling this (not to fan the flames, just to
get a different perspective).

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