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Re: amd64 is already the 2nd most important arch

Joel Aelwyn <fenton@debian.org> writes:

> But that's OK. Our amd64 users just use the Alioth site instead of our
> wonderful mirror network, and track it as unstable. I mean, it's so much
> more effective to have it all hitting alioth for download, right? Thought
> so.

Amd64 actualy has 14+ mirrors including some primary/country mirrors
like ftp.de.debian.org.

What now actualy happens is that by protecting some undersized debian
mirror somewhere double the load is put on other mirrors since now
they have 2 debian source archives to mirror.

> People will (often) do it the right way if it's convenient, but if it
> serves a use to them, they *will* do it, right way or not. We support amd64
> officially, or we support it unofficially and in a thoroughly half-assed
> manner, but it's what some number of developers and users care about, so we
> WILL end up supporting it (or rather, we ARE supporting it). The question
> is only 'how well?'.

It would be nice if the sarge security team would embrace
amd64. Debian has amd64 systems they can use as security buildd and
adding amd64 to security.debian.org when sarge becomes stable should
not cost overly much space. Would be better than an outside team
tracking debian DSAs and providing fixes always after the fact.


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