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Re: LCC and blobs

> > The card is hardware, the information stored on it can be software.
> 	You have a funny, and imho wrong, definition of software. The
>  information under discussion is an abstract notion, and can be
>  represented in hardware, or ir can manifest itself as software. The
>  abstraction is the information.

You have a funny and wrong definition of software. The type of
information determines if the information is software, not the way it is
stored. Information doesn't 'manifest itself as software'. It is
software or it isn't.

> 	No. The information was originally represented in hardware,
>  and, on passing through the reader, is now represented as
>  software. The information itself is not the representation.

Information is always represented in hardware. It can be either as
holes, pits, electrons, whatever, but in the end you can always detect
the presence or absence of the information in a physical way.



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