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Re: LCC and blobs

On Sat, 18 Dec 2004 16:40:33 +0100, Peter 'p2' De Schrijver <p2@mind.be> said: 

> Hi,
>> No. Information encoded electronically, in 0's and 1, usually.

> Punchcards and paper tape were used to store computer programs (see
> any old mainframe). Computer programs are commonly understood to be
> software. So, software can be encoded in a non-electronic form. Some
> computers are mechanical rather then electronic devices and they run
> programs. IMO software isn't about the encoding, but about the
> nature of the information. BTW : CDs and DVDs store information
> using pits on a disk. That's not an electronic encoding either, it's
> just read by means of electronics.

>> Things related to computers are either software, hardware, or
>> wetware.
>> > In that case, you'd certainly agree that the information stored
>> > on a punch card is software.
>> Umm, no. Nor is stuff on a printed page that can be scanned using
>> OCR. The card is physical, I can feel it, make holes in it, and it
>> is hardware.

> The card is hardware, the information stored on it can be software.

	You have a funny, and imho wrong, definition of software. The
 information under discussion is an abstract notion, and can be
 represented in hardware, or ir can manifest itself as software. The
 abstraction is the information.

>> When read by a card reader (or when a page is scanned in), it gets
>> an electronic representation in the machine, and then is software.

> The information on the card is copied exactly into the machine, so
> the information is software, even when it's on the card.

	No. The information was originally represented in hardware,
 and, on passing through the reader, is now represented as
 software. The information itself is not the representation.

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