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Re: LCC and blobs

Brian Thomas Sniffen wrote:
Peter Van Eynde <pvaneynd@mailworks.org> writes:
And now you consider it software just because the method of storage is
different? How can the nature of the bytes change because they are
stored on a disk?

The nature of the bytes do not change.  But my name, distributed in a
Debian package, is software.  My name, written in letters of granite

You name is software!
Now I'm a Common Lisp hacker, you know the data is code people, but even _we_ do not consider a string software unless it drives some software.

Is your name input for a state-machine?

Architectural plans for a house, shipped in a Debian package, are

I'm stunned. So anything in a Debian package is software. With alien I can convert a tar.gz into a debian package, so all tar files are software. With tar I can create a tar.gz from any file, so all electronic data is software?

And you restrictions that any package that depends on non-DFSG "software" to work cannot be in main means that after releasing sarge we have to remove from main:

- all bootloaders. Grub cannot start my XP without the XP bootsector.
- tftpd. I want to netboot my Solaris machines. The tftpd needs the solaris code to "work". - all font renderers. I want to see a document with the font I bought, and without it the document is broken, so the renderer needs the font, right? - all interpreters. I want to run HACMP. It is in perl, so the perl is useless to me without HACMP. - the kernel. I want to ship a stripped down debian with my non-DFSG code in an embedded system. The kernel is useless without my code, so the kernel cannot be in main.

Should I go on?

Groetjes, Peter

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