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Re: Intent to mass-file bugs: FDL/incorrect copyright files

Brian Nelson <pyro@debian.org> writes:

> Read the constitution.  Clearly the CTTE may be used to resolve a
> licensing dispute.

I could suggest *you* to read it, but to make this a little more
constructive, what in the following makes you think licensing is inside
the scope of the technical committee's powers?

 The Technical Committee may:

  1. Decide on any matter of technical policy.

     This includes the contents of the technical policy manuals,
     developers' reference materials, example packages and the behaviour
     of non-experimental package building tools. (In each case the usual
     maintainer of the relevant software or documentation makes decisions
     initially, however; see 6.3(5).)

  2. Decide any technical matter where Developers' jurisdictions overlap.

     In cases where Developers need to implement compatible technical
     policies or stances (for example, if they disagree about the
     priorities of conflicting packages, or about ownership of a command
     name, or about which package is responsible for a bug that both
     maintainers agree is a bug, or about who should be the maintainer
     for a package) the technical committee may decide the matter.

  3. Make a decision when asked to do so.

     Any person or body may delegate a decision of their own to the
     Technical Committee, or seek advice from it.

  4. Overrule a Developer (requires a 3:1 majority).

     The Technical Committee may ask a Developer to take a particular
     technical course of action even if the Developer does not wish to;
     this requires a 3:1 majority. For example, the Committee may
     determine that a complaint made by the submitter of a bug is
     justified and that the submitter's proposed solution should be

  5. Offer advice.

     The Technical Committee may make formal announcements about its
     views on any matter. Individual members may of course make informal
     statements about their views and about the likely views of the
In my reading of it, "technical policy" or "technical matters" do not
cover licensing.


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