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Re: Incorrect use of "it's" in package control files -- file mass bug?

On Sat, Sep 04, 2004 at 10:40:38PM -0700, Thomas Bushnell BSG wrote:

 > >  FYI, we call the people from USA "estadounidenses".  "Americano"
 > >  and "norteamericano" are just the influence of TV.  Since those
 > >  words are too long, the shorter word we use to refer to your folk
 > >  is "gringo", and since we don't know better, we end up calling
 > >  Canadians and some Europeans "Gringos", too.
 > This may be what people in Chile say, but it isn't what I've ever
 > heard in Mexico.

 JFTR: I'm a citizen of Costa Rica, and I'm currently living there.

 And like I said before, "americano" and "norteamericano" used to refer
 to people from the USA is the influence of TV mostly.  Shows produced
 in the USA use the word "american", which when translated becomes
 "americano".  Historically mexicans have called the people of the USA
 "americanos", that's right, and that's more usual if you are talking
 about people in the north of Mexico.  But that's far from the case in
 the rest of Latin America.  Spaniards, in "formal" contexts use the
 word "estadounidense", too, but in the street it's normal to hear

 You mentioned the continental division which states that there are two
 continents: North and South America, and that this is taught in
 schools.  Well, that's true for schools in the USA.  Schools in Latin
 America teach something different: there's one continent, America.
 AFAIUI, european schools tend to agree with the later form.  From a
 purely geographical point of view, there's no reason to divide the
 continent in north and south.  That's a political division.  From a
 geomorphological point of view there are _three_ regions: north,
 central and south (and their borders don't match country borders).

 And even further, the only language that I know and which does not have
 something else than "american" to designate people from the USA is
 German: it's called "Amerikaner" (but then again, they have "Ami", so
 they are forgiven ;-).  In French there's the word "etatsuniens"[0],
 Italian has "statunidense" ("statunitense"?), Portuguese has

 Can we just call you yankees, and be done with it? :-)


 [0] With my apologies to the French if I got the spelling wrong, which
     I'm almost certain that I did.  I don't actually speak French, even
     if I'd very much like to.

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