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Re: General Resolution: Force AMD64 into Sarge

#include <hallo.h>
* Andreas Metzler [Fri, Jul 23 2004, 09:47:04AM]:

> > Sure. But for Sarge, we did have the goal of a new installer and
> > that took a long time. Right now, I don't seem to recall any equally
> > big release goals for sarge+1
> [...]
> The obvious big blocker is the non-free "data|doc" issue. *Personally*

How "obvious" is that? I wish the RM would finaly say a word about all
this assumptions - I don't like the current situation, first FTP masters
decided to ignore everyone (except of the few rumors about people that
managed to contact them somehow) and now we speculate about the issues
that finaly the RM will decides (and he normaly decides without
considering other opinions IIRC).

Es war einmal, es ist nicht mehr, ein rosaroter Teddybär. Er aß die Milch
und trank das Brot, und als er starb, da war er tot.

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