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Re: General Resolution: Force AMD64 into Sarge

On Thu, Jul 22, 2004 at 08:42:13AM +0200, Andreas Metzler wrote:
> This basically means that due to amount of changes that are possible
> for dot releases amd64 would need to have been ready for sarge_r0 to
> be a valid candidate sarge_r1. If that was the case, why wouldn't we
> we have released with sarge_r0?

Well, one of the reasons that keeps being batted about is that the amd64
port will not have received enough testing by the time sarge_r0 is
released.  If we can get a sarge_r0 amd64 port prepared, we don't
necessarily have to release it.  Early adopters will run it with the
understanding that it is "beta quality".  RC bugs that are found during
this period will be fixed and incorporated into sarge_r1, which will
(barring a situation where there are too many RC bugs specific to it)
include amd64.

There are two issues at the heart of this matter, as far as I can tell.
First, we need to release sarge ASAP.  That is acknowledged, and we are
making progress in that direction.  Second, amd64 is positioned to be a
very widely deployed architecture in the very near future, and (speaking
as a user here) Debian is doing a disservice to its users if it ignores
this fact and waits until sarge+1 to support it.  It's very important
that we find a compromise between these two issues.  There are technical
issues that need to be resolved, and thanks to Martin's conversations
with the ftpmasters, we have some idea of what the major showstoppers
are.  If we can get a more detailed description (i.e. what software is
missing what functionality, and where can I find the source?) then I
think there will be a number of us who are perfectly willing to shut up
and hack on it.


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